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Rowing is unlike any other sport you may have tried. It is not easy, but participating is extremely rewarding and will provide a lifetime of memories. If you are in 8th – 12th Grade, we would love to hear from you so we can get you everything you need to know.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email the Head Coach directly or include it in the form.

On this page you will find a variety of information:

Note: If you are interested in joining there are certain times when we can take on new rowers. Please see below before emailing.

We have found some really good articles that explain what rowing is and how it can have a big impact on students. They provide a lot of detail and come from different perspectives (a parent, a coach, and an Olympic-level athlete). Please take a few minutes to read through them if you want to get more insight into what being a rower can mean for you or your child.

Note: At the bottom of the page is some important information regarding joining after school begins.

What You Don’t Know About: Rowing

Have you ever been cornered and asked, “So, what do you do?” Sometimes, it can be tough to explain. Everyone thinks they know what a pro athlete does. But do we really know? We asked U.S. Olympic rower Meghan Musnicki to explain her job without using any clichés.

So Your Kid Wants to Join a Crew Team

By Mary Rowen

Until two summers ago, my family knew little about rowing. My husband and I had both watched a few Head of the Charles races when we were younger, but that was the extent of it.

Five Reasons Your Young Athlete Should Try Rowing

By Will Ruth

Rowing is an awesome sport that is gaining participants across the world on any available lake, river, reservoir or bay. Like any hard-endurance athletes, we rowers have a reputation for being a little crazy with our love of early mornings and embracing the pain of racing.

Joining/Re-joining After the Fall Season

Our primary racing season is in the spring, so we are listed as a Spring Sport. However, this is for Varsity Letter awarding only. The reality is we begin in September and practice, train, and compete from September until late May.

Before emailing about joining/rejoining us, please see below…

New Rowers

We are always looking for athletes to join the team, but we have some restrictions on when new members may join.

We accept new members in:

  • August/September,
  • November (for pre-spring prep period)
  • January

Our Spring Season begins in January. In order to be eligible race in the Spring all new rowers must begin practicing with us by January.

Why the January cutoff? There is a lot to learn in order to row (and then race) safely and we cannot teach all of that in the few weeks we have on the water prior to racing when the “Spring Sports” calendar begins. Getting new members moving toward where they need to be takes away critical practice time from the novices who have been on the team and are ready to advance to race prep.

Note: If you are not able to join us by January, please still email us. We run a summer Learn-to-Row program that provides an opportunity to learn more about rowing and to help you see if joining the team is something you want to do. It is usually a 5 day program (M-Th + Sat AM)

Once we have the dates set we will let you know when it will be.

Returning Rowers

We are glad to have experienced rowers rejoin the team, but we do have some restrictions on when you may return.

Our Spring Season begins in January. In order to be eligible to race in the Spring all returning rowers must rejoin us in January.

There are two possible exceptions to this:

1.You rowed in the Fall and are currently participating in a Winter Varsity Sport.

In this case you must return immediately following the end of your Winter season.

2. You have an injury or illness which prevents you from practicing.

If you have an injury we expect you to still attend erg practices (but not participate). You may not be able to participate, but making the same time commitment as your teammates is important.

When you are cleared to practice you will join your teammates during the session.

The coaches will determine when you are ready to race. Conditioning is critical to racing safely, so we will monitor your progress to make sure you are ready to race before you are placed in a boat for race day.

Need More Information?

Unfortunately, we are not funded by the Athletics Budget. We are essentially self-funded, so our operating costs are shared by the team families. Below is a summary of the costs and what your dues provide.

There is also more on this on the page Rowing At MTL

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