Varsity Letters

Mt. Lebanon Rowing is a Club Sport at Mt. Lebanon High School, but we are able to award Varsity Letters. Rowing requires a big time commitment. Fortunately, our athletes have the opportunity to be recognized by the Athletic Office for the dedication and effort that they put into their sport.

We are considered a Spring Sport for Varsity Letters because that is our primary competitive season.

Mt. Lebanon High School Criteria


Basic rules that apply to all prospective athletic letter award candidates:

1. All athletic programs within the school district must comply with all rules and regulations set forth by the Mt. Lebanon School District.

2. An athlete must display sportsmanship and conduct which exemplifies the school to his/her opponents, teammates, and officials.

3. An athlete must conform to all the training rules established by the coach for that given sport.

4. An athlete must have conformed to practice and game regulations as established by the coach in that sport.

5. The athlete must have returned all the equipment issued to the student to the satisfaction of the coach and/or athletic director.

6. In the event of injury or any other legitimate extenuating circumstances, letter awards will be made on the recommendation of the coach to the athletic director.

7. If the person has earned and been awarded a letter and his/her conduct and behavior has been unbecoming, the award letter can be taken away.

8. Each participant must satisfactorily complete the season, including individual and team post season competition.

9. Additional requirements for earning a letter will be determined by the head coach. The coach will file with the athletic director these requirements prior to the start of the season (see below).

Mt. Lebanon High School Rowing Team Criteria

For consideration to be awarded a Mt. Lebanon High School Varsity Letter for Rowing, any rower must satisfy the High School criteria above, plus the following requirements:

A. Participate in 75% of the scheduled land/water practices and races (indoor rowing, head and sprint competitions, scrimmages, invitational and championship regattas) during the MTL rowing season

B. Be current with dues

C. Satisfy the Mt. Lebanon High School academic requirements for athletic participation

D. Comply with the MTL Rowing Code of Conduct

Participation Requirement

To be awarded a varsity letter a rower must:

Compete in any “A” or 1st boat at the varsity level in no less than 75% of the scheduled races in which MTL Rowing participates between September and June in any academic school year


For  Seniors only, demonstrate a commitment to the team and participate in no fewer than five spring or fall racing seasons, with a minimum of three spring seasons (excluding the fall season of the rower’s novice year).

Coaches’ Discretion
Additional letters may be awarded by the coaches to those rowers who meet requirements A-D, and also demonstrate team commitment, but who are otherwise not eligible because of the Participation Requirement.


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