Head of the Ohio


When: Sunday October 7, 2018

Where:  Washington’s Landing Boathouse

Arrival Times (be on the island by these times):

Experienced Team – 7:00am
Novices  – 10:00am

Departure: Expected 2:30pm (after racing concludes and the trailers are loaded)


  • Coaches/Coxswains Meeting @ 7:15am
    • Bow Seat of the 2x also needs to attend
  • Our first race begins @ 8:55am (Event Start Time)
  • Our last race begins @ 12:25pm
  • We are in the second and last races of the day
  • Experienced team must stay until both trailers are loaded

Our Race Times

Boys Team

9:05am – Boys 4+
10:40am – Boys 2X
12:25pm – Boys 8+

Girls Team

8:55am – Girls 2X
11:30am – Girls 4+

Regatta Parking & Rower Drop-off

(from regatta organizers)

  • There is no general parking on the island. Parking is at the 15th & Smallman parking lot. This is located on the city side of the Allegheny River near the Heinz History Center. Parking for the day is $7.00.
    • Exception – trucks pulling trailers can get a pass to park on the island. Get the pass on Saturday when dropping off trailers.
  • Shuttles from the parking lot to the race site (Washington’s Landing) will run from 6:00am to 3:00pm on Sunday. Please allow time in your schedule for parking and shuttle travel.
  • Avoid driving to Washington’s Landing. Please go directly to the parking area and utilize the shuttles to the island.  If you have rowers to drop off, take them to the shuttles at the 15th & Smallman St. parking area. Shuttles will start at 6:00am from that location.
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