Indoor Sprints is Saturday

Our first erg race of the winter is just about here! The racing schedule has been posted and the details are posted on the race page, but here are the highlights:

When: Saturday January 28, 2017
Where: Kingsley Association (near Bakery Square)
Arrival: 11:30am
Departure: Approx. 4:50pm (following the Team Relay)

* Our first event is at 1:00pm. The final event of the day is the Team Relay scheduled for 4:35pm.
* This is the same as a regatta day…we all arrive at the same time and stay until our last race ends.
* Those racing in a Lightweight event need to weigh in…find your coach when you arrive so we can get that taken care of quickly.
* Waivers MUST be completed in order to race.
* There is no team carpool for this event.

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